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Relationship Transformation Program

We believe that the Intimate Connection with your partner is one of the greatest treasures in your life. The QUALITY of your connection has the power to enlighten your self-understanding and awaken the deeper potential within you to live a purposeful life.

You chose your partner for a reason, and it’s probably not so you can spend your time feeling sexually unfulfilled and/or frequently misunderstood.

Click on ‘Learn More’ to see how our Relationship Transformation Program can help you and your partner to feel more at ease and confident in how you co-create your connection. We will show you how to bring more trust, creativity and ‘zing’ to your relationship so you can spend less time in struggle and more time in celebration!


What Our Clients Have To Say…

We could not be more grateful for the support we’ve received from Steph & Dan.

The connection and attraction between us after a session is like fire! We’ve learned new communication tools that have deepened our relationship, and with their guidance, we’re learning to become more vulnerable with each other.

Thank you both for the love, support, gentle guidance and encouragement you have given us.

Lauren & Phil


We have experienced a profound transformation and growing intimacy in our relationship with Stephanie and Dan’s help.

We have continued our work with them for over six months because we’ve realized that their work and programs reach far beyond the realm of personal relationships.

We have seen great shifts that have enriched not only our intimate partnership but also connection with family, clients and colleagues.

Werner & Andrea


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